Top 3 online conferences in September-October 2020

Posted 15 October 2020 by Vitaly Yanko

This year is all about online events. Despite the fact that there is no perfect platform for online conferences, all the conference providers do their best to arrange events online.

We'd like to highlight our Top 3 online conferences that we took part in during September and October this year:

  • Arctic15 - the best Nordics/Baltics conference as we see it, greatly fits for online. A lot of productive meetings and new connections.
  • Wolves Summit - coolest event in Eastern Europe that unites startups and investors across East and West. It was really nice to take part!
  • TNW - one of the best European events, tons of communications and new partnerships. And also lots of memorable sessions!

Hurry up, we still have room to arrange meetings at Arctic15!