New portfolio company! HuLoop raises its seed round

Posted 30 November 2023 by Vitaly Yanko

HuLoop Automation, a US-based company specializing in AI-powered, no-code, unified automation platforms, has successfully raised its seed round of funding. The company, known for its innovative approach to driving transformation and boosting revenue growth, cost savings, and productivity through automation, has caught the attention of prominent investors.

This significant financial milestone for HuLoop Automation reflects the growing interest in automation technologies that streamline mundane and repetitive tasks. The company's platform stands out due to its no-code approach, making it accessible to a broader range of clients, including those without a technical background.

Key players in this seed round include Insta Ventures, Team Ignite Ventures, and Vibranium Venture Capital, known for their strategic investments in forward-thinking tech startups. Their involvement underscores the potential they see in HuLoop Automation's technology and its impact on the future of business processes.

The funds raised in this round are earmarked for further development of HuLoop Automation platform, enhancing its AI capabilities, and expanding its reach to new markets. This influx of capital is not just a financial boost but also a vote of confidence in the company's vision and the broader automation technology sector.

Glad to be onboard, fair wind to your sales!